How to Maintain Your Home After a Professional Organizing Session

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How to Maintain Your Home After a Professional Organizing Session

Stepping into your freshly organized home after a professional organizing session can feel like a dream. Or maybe you spent the weekend clearing your house out and organizing every nook and cranny. Here's how you can maintain the serene order:


1. Embrace Daily Tidying Rituals:

  • The Five-Minute Rule: If a task takes five minutes or less, tackle it immediately. This simple habit can prevent small messes from snowballing.
  • End-of-Day Reset: Spend a few minutes each evening to reset spaces, like the living room or kitchen, back to their organized state. The more often you do this, the easier it is to maintain. 


2. Mind Your Acquisitions:

Now that every item in your home has a designated spot, be thoughtful about new purchases. Before adding something new, ask yourself where it will fit and whether it aligns with the organized structure already in place. Try the 1 in, 1 out rule: for every new item you bring into your home, try to remove an older item.


3. Engage in Weekly Check-ins:

Choose a day each week to do a quick organizational check. Ensure everything is in its rightful place and that no clutter zones are creeping back. This might sound like a lot, especially if you're not used to it. But at the beginning you will have to be intentional about scanning your spaces and ensuring everything is the way you want it. Soon enough, it will become a habit and will flow naturally in your routines. 


4. Rotate Items When Necessary:

Areas like your wardrobe or pantry can benefit from occasional rotations, especially in a place that has changing seasons and if you celebrate holidays using decorations... This keeps everything in use, in sight, and helps you spot items that might no longer be needed.


5. Use the Labels:

We've meticulously labeled spaces to make it easy for you. Stick to these labels, and if something doesn’t belong, find its correct home or reconsider its place in your space. Sometimes the labels can change too. Life evolves in ways we don't expect so take the time to label new sections or areas as you see fit.


6. Re-evaluate with Life Changes:

Our needs evolve. If a significant life change occurs (a move, a new family member, a new hobby), it might be time to re-evaluate your organization system. Remember, the goal is for your space to always support your current lifestyle. In our organizing and decluttering session, we teach you how to shift and change and adjust to any situation life throws at you! If you haven't yet met with out experts, check out our services and what we can do for you


7. Keep Communication Open:

If you share your home with others, make sure everyone is on board and understands the organizational systems in place. An organized home is a team effort. It's a big reason why we like labels, but communicating rules and expectations helps keep everyone accountable and makes it easier to live in your dream space.


8. Appreciate the Calm:

Take a moment every now and then to enjoy the order and simplicity of your space. Recognizing the peace and efficiency it brings can motivate you to keep it up.


Your home is a reflection of your life, and its organization can deeply influence your daily experiences (check out Can Organization Impact Your Mental Health?)

While we've laid the foundation for you, maintaining this order is a journey.

Embrace the small habits and actions that keep the serenity alive, ensuring your space remains the oasis we've crafted together.

Learn more tips and tricks on how to implement 10 Minute Daily Habits to Living a Simpler Life to keep a well organized space in tact and to simplify all areas in your life!


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