New Year, Organized Home: 5 Essential Steps to Declutter and Simplify Your Space for 2024

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New Year, Organized Home: 5 Essential Steps to Declutter and Simplify Your Space for 2024

As the New Year approaches, it’s the perfect time to embrace new beginnings, set some goals  and transform your living space into a haven of order and tranquility. At Simplify Home, we believe in the power of a well-organized environment to uplift your daily life.

If one of your goals for a new you is to get your living space into a functional and organized one, check out our organizational services which can help you every step of the way. 

Keep reading if you want to get organized on your own!

Let’s embark on a journey to declutter and simplify your home, making 2024 your most organized year yet!


Step 1: Setting Realistic Goals for Home Organization

Understanding Your Space and Needs

Before diving into organization, take a moment to assess your space and your unique needs. Consider the following questions:

  • Which areas of your home need the most attention?
  • How do these spaces currently function, and how would you like them to function?
  • What are your biggest challenges in these areas?
  • Which areas of your home do you want to organize? Sometimes we need to start in a place which motivates us, even if it is not the main priority... This will get the ball rolling once you see the impact of what a simple declutter can do!


Define Specific, Achievable Goals

Specific goals lead to successful outcomes. Instead of a vague aim like “organize the house,” set precise goals like “declutter the kitchen drawers” or “create an efficient filing system for my home office.” Break down each goal into smaller tasks to make them more manageable. For example:

  • Kitchen Organization: 1. sort pantry items, 2. organize utensils, 3. declutter countertops...
  • Home Office: 1. sort paperwork, 2. label files, 3. organize desk drawers...

I like to have a list of items in order of priority BUT I also allow myself to choose what motivates me on the list. If I don't feel like sorting paperwork at the moment, but I made the time to declutter for an hour, I will choose s section of the house that I feel like doing... This brings me to my next point:


Set Realistic Timelines

Time management is crucial in avoiding burnout. Allocate a realistic amount of time for each task, considering your daily routine and commitments. For instance, if you plan to organize your wardrobe, decide whether it’s a weekend project or something you can do in smaller segments over a week.

I like to actually carve out time here with intention. I try to give myself at least an hour and sometimes I plan for organizing for the entire day. But it really depends on how much stuff you have and how organized you want to be. Remember, even an hour of going through your sock drawer, getting rid of unwanted items counts. You are technically decluttering, but that makes it actually feasible to organize! 

Fun Fact: The less you have, the less time you will need to keep sorting and declutter and organizing....


Balancing Perfection and Practicality

Aim for functional organization rather than perfection. Your home should be a livable space, not a showcase.

Understand that some level of disorder is normal, especially in busy households. I think this is very important. We are used to seeing home organization as living with a row of clear boxes that hold your lentils, pasta and cereals (for example). But what about the lentils that don't fit into the clear "showcase" container? You need space for the excess and quickly, things can get messy...

I say that when organizing, (once you get rid of anything you don't use or don't want), just ensure everything has a place first. Then once everything works, you can reassess and then, if you enjoy the look of a show home kitchen, only then choose containers that will fit your stuff. 


Review and Adjust

Be prepared to review and adjust your goals as you progress. What seemed like a great plan initially might need tweaking as you delve deeper into the organization process.



Step 2: The Decluttering Process

Choose a Starting Point:

Start small to avoid feeling overwhelmed. A single drawer or shelf is a great beginning. Refer to your list you made in the goals section. If you have energy and motivation, tackle the less desirable areas. If your feeling a bit overwhelmed, choose a more fun space to organize. 


Sorting Items:

  • Keep: Items you use regularly and love.
  • Donate/Sell/Return: Good condition items no longer needed or stuff you borrowed and things left behind by others that you need to return.
  • Recycle/Trash: Broken or unusable items.
  • Undecided: Items you're unsure about. Revisit them after completing the rest of the space. Try to have the gathering zone in a different room so you can really envision the space without these items. Only bring back what you really want.

Letting Go:

Be honest about what you truly need and use. If something hasn’t been used in a year and holds no sentimental value, it's probably time to let it go. Check out this blog post for more information and tips on letting things go:  Reasons for Cluttered Homes: Why Do We Struggle to Let Go of Stuff?


Immediate Action:

Take care of the 'Donate/Sell' and 'Recycle/Trash' piles immediately to avoid clutter buildup. Enjoy the space you have created for yourself!

For more tips on decluttering, check out How to Declutter Your Space: A Step-by-Step Guide



Step 3: Organizing Essentials

Assess and Measure: After decluttering, assess the remaining items. Measure shelves, drawers, and spaces to find storage solutions that fit perfectly.

Choosing the Right Organizers:

  • Drawer Dividers and Bins: Ideal for separating items in drawers and on shelves.

  • Labels: Use labels for easy identification and maintenance of the organization system.

  • Vertical Storage: Utilize vertical space with shelving units or stackable bins, especially in smaller areas.

A Place for Everything: Assign a specific spot for each item. This makes it easier to find things and return them to their place.

Maximizing Space: Look for underutilized spaces (like behind doors or under beds) for additional storage.

Aesthetic and Functionality: Choose organizing tools that are not only functional but also complement your home’s style.

Maintaining Accessibility: Keep frequently used items within easy reach, and store seldom-used items in less accessible spots.



Step 4: Maintaining the Order

Daily Tidying Routines: Allocate a few minutes each day to put things back in their place. This prevents clutter from accumulating.

Weekly Review: Set aside time each week to go through your spaces, reorganizing items that may have been misplaced and dealing with any new clutter.

Seasonal Decluttering: Every season, do a quick sweep to remove items that are no longer needed or have fallen out of use.

Habit Reinforcement: Encourage all household members to maintain organizational systems. This includes returning items to their designated spots.

Adapt and Evolve: Be open to adjusting your organization system as your needs change. What works now may need tweaking in the future.



Step 5: Celebrate and Enjoy Your Organized Space

Acknowledge Your Effort: Take a moment to appreciate the work you've done. Recognizing your achievement is crucial for maintaining motivation.

Enjoy the Benefits: An organized space often leads to a more peaceful mind and efficient daily routines. Enjoy the ease and tranquility your newly organized home brings.

Share Your Success: Consider sharing before-and-after photos or inviting friends over. Sharing your success can be inspiring and rewarding.

Incorporate New Habits: Use your organized space as a catalyst for other positive changes in your life, like improved time management or stress reduction.

Continuous Improvement: View home organization as an ongoing journey rather than a one-time project. Embrace the process of tweaking and improving your spaces as your life evolves.


In conclusion, embarking on a journey to declutter and organize your home for the New Year is a transformative process. By setting realistic goals, methodically decluttering, wisely choosing organizing essentials, maintaining the order, and finally celebrating your success, you create not just a more organized space, but also a more harmonious lifestyle. Each step is designed to guide and motivate you through the transformation of your living environment. Remember, the goal is not just to rearrange your physical belongings but to cultivate a sense of peace and efficiency that resonates through every aspect of your life. Embrace this journey with Simplify Home, and let the new year be the start of an organized, simplified, and joyful living space.


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