Gift Giving for a Simple Life

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Gift Giving for a Simple Life

Giving a gift to someone who values a simple or slow life can be a thoughtful and fulfilling experience. Such individuals typically appreciate items that have practical use, are durable, or offer enriching experiences without adding clutter. 


Here are some ideas to consider for a minimalist or for those who are starting out in their journey towards a simplified life:


Experiences over Things

Instead of physical items, consider gifts that offer experiences. This could be tickets to a play, concert, or museum, a spa day or massage, cooking classes, a membership to a community garden... There are many options out there! If you really want to blow the out of the water, choose one of these sustainable experience gift ideas: 

  1. Organic farm tour and farm-to-table dinner
  2. Hiking or camping trip in a national park
  3. Guided wildlife or birdwatching tour
  4. Kayaking or canoeing adventure
  5. Eco-friendly wine tasting tour
  6. Sustainable fishing excursion with catch-and-release
  7. Permaculture or sustainable gardening workshop
  8. Renewable energy facility tour
  9. Native plant identification and foraging class
  10. Bicycle tour of a scenic route
  11. Tree planting event in a local park or forest
  12. Visit to an eco-conscious animal sanctuary
  13. Eco-friendly glamping experience
  14. Yoga or meditation retreat in a natural setting
  15. Wilderness survival skills workshop
  16. Solar cooking or outdoor cooking class
  17. Sustainable fashion or clothing design workshop
  18. Eco-friendly pottery or ceramics class
  19. Renewable energy adventure (e.g., wind farm or solar farm visit)
  20. Guided snorkeling or scuba diving in a marine reserve
  21. Guided nature photography tour
  22. Sustainable architecture or green building tour
  23. Community garden volunteering day
  24. Herbal medicine-making workshop
  25. Zero-waste lifestyle coaching session
  26. Green technology and innovation tour
  27. Native tree planting experience
  28. Beekeeping and honey harvesting workshop
  29. Sustainable seafood cooking class
  30. Forest therapy or shinrin-yoku guided walk
  31. Organic wine and cheese pairing experience
  32. Solar panel installation demonstration
  33. Outdoor rock climbing or bouldering adventure
  34. Organic cooking class with local ingredients
  35. Guided river or lake cleanup and canoeing
  36. Sustainable jewelry-making workshop
  37. Renewable energy home consultation
  38. Bamboo craft workshop
  39. Guided horseback ride through a nature reserve
  40. Wildlife rehabilitation center volunteering day
  41. Sustainable perfume or fragrance-making class
  42. Guided coastal cleanup and seashell collecting
  43. Reusable and upcycled fashion show tickets
  44. Sustainable soap-making workshop
  45. Community sustainable living seminar
  46. Environmental documentary film screening event
  47. Guided geocaching or treasure hunting adventure
  48. Renewable energy art and sculpture workshop
  49. Guided meditation and forest bathing experience
  50. A guided tour of a local sustainable brewery or distillery with tastings

Space Transformation

Imagine if you can help someone love their home and enjoy the life of less clutter and less stress. Give the gift of an organized and relaxing space with our services. We declutter, organize, design and even offer handywork services that are end-to-end meaning we will help transform any space without you having to reach out to multiple companies to get the job done.

Handwritten Letter

Take the time to write a heartfelt letter expressing your feelings, memories, and appreciation for the person. Go really green and use a compostable paper or one with seeds in it so they can plant it in their garden!



Offer your time or assistance. This could mean helping with a project, babysitting, cooking a meal, or teaching them a new skill.


If you know the person well, and they are learning to live a simplified life, choose books on topics like mindfulness, minimalism, or other subjects that align with their values. Consider audio books or books in digital format (knowing they have a device to listen and read on).

Handmade or DIY Gifts

Handmade items often carry a special sentiment. Whether it's a knitted scarf, homemade jam, or handcrafted jewelry, the personal touch can be deeply appreciated.

Sustainable or Eco-friendly Gifts 

Items like beeswax wraps, bee's wax candles, or compostable goods can be both practical and environmentally friendly.



A potted plant or seeds for their garden can be both simple and meaningful. They add a touch of nature to their space and can be a long-lasting gift.



Gift Cards

While it might seem impersonal, a well-thought-out gift card (like one for their favorite local café, a bookstore, or an eco-friendly store) can let them choose what they need or like.



Magazines or online subscriptions on topics like mindfulness, homesteading, or sustainability can be a monthly treat. There are also subscription boxes focused on eco-friendly products or organic, local foods.


Practical Items 

High-quality, durable goods that they might need in their daily life, such as a cast iron skillet, a quality thermos, or linen towels. Pitch in with the whole family to get that special someone something they will love forever. 


Digital Gifts

E-books, online courses, or digital music playlists might be appreciated, especially if they align with their interests and values.


Homemade Food 

Bake a loaf of bread, make a jar of pickles, or brew some kombucha. If they appreciate good food, they'll love a homemade treat.


Gift of Nothing

Sometimes, just spending quality time with someone is the best gift of all. Plan a simple day out or even a quiet evening in, just enjoying each other's company.


When selecting a gift, always keep the person's preferences in mind. If you know they're trying to declutter, it's best to avoid items that might add to their possessions. If they have a specific hobby or interest related to their slow or simple life values, cater to that. The key is thoughtfulness and understanding of their lifestyle choices.



Know someone who wants to live simply but needs some help?

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  • provide optional design and decor suggestions and solutions
  • finish off with an optional deep clean to leave your home sparkling and new so you can enjoy the newly organized and relaxing space

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