Pantry Glass Canister Set(2)

Prioritize organization and aesthetics with these glass canisters with acacia wood lids. 

  • Set of two
  • Each set comes with a spoon and container
  • Easily stack different-sized jars together 
  • Natural wood lids provide an airtight seal to keep food fresh

When it comes to organization and style, these glass canisters with wood lids have it all. Our four available sizes make it easy to find the right canister for your needs. On top of that, glass is the perfect material for food storage because it doesn't absorb odors or flavors, is easy to clean, and won't leach chemicals into your food. 

Reorganize your life with these perfect glass canisters with wood lids and wooden scoops and create spaces of joy in your home when you shop Siimplifi.


Large: 700ml (15 cm by 9 cm): Set of two with wooden spoons
Extra Large: 1000ml (19 cm by 9 cm): Set of two with wooden spoons


Acacia wood lid with glass canister.
Care Information

Acacia lids are not dishwasher safe (please hand wash). Glass canisters are dishwasher safe.

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